Plan your project with wireframes and screens.
Bring wireframes to life with design assets.
Program against the evolving interface.


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What is Iterate?

It3rate is a tool that you can use to evolve your project's screens, layout and design, all while coding against the evolving target. It uses vector graphics and bitmaps. Its goal is to be as visual as possible.

Three core tasks are addressed - project management, design, programming. It enables each to do their job independently and effectively, while allowing communication and integration of the tasks through each iteration. It uses intermediate formats that can accept a wide range of graphical formats as input, and be exported to various platforms, including iOS, Android, WinPhone, SVG, XAML, XNA, and Canvas.

All formats are open, as well as the code required to use these formats. It works with vector graphics and bitmaps, and exports to various environments. The layout, design and code interface are separated and designed to be toolable. The graphics format is nested in order to to match the structure of applications as well as map to the structure of code. There is both a metadata-rich working format, and pared down export formats. The working format is multi file and text based in order to work well with source control and larger teams.